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In SBB Shipping, we provide customized warehousing and distribution services with the experience of two decades. We offer bonded and non-bonded warehousing in accordance with the needs of your cargo.

We aim to present you the best service, take care of the intricate details of storage and alleviate your stress during the freight processes. With our strong network and expertise, we offer our unprecedented warehousing and distribution services for competitive prices. Our warehousing and distribution services are meticulously designed to fit the unique needs of your cargo. That is why your valued goods remain in mint condition at our temperature-controlled warehouse. 

Why do you need a forwarder?

Logistics management is an elaborate task that requires knowledge and perseverance. That is why working with an expert forwarder company is a must in order to make sure that your business profits. With the right forwarder that can satisfy your needs, you can take care of the whole logistics management without feeling stressed or wasting your resources. In SBB Shipping, we offer unique solutions and thorough services in order to assist you in the best way. With regards to the logistics management, warehousing and distribution management, we provide;

  • 3PL services (including Trucking, Documentation Management and Processing, Warehousing, Packing and Crating)
  • Container loading/off loading
  • Temperature controlled warehouse
  • Trans-loading
  • Export consolidation
  • Import distribution
  • Heavy lifts
  • Loading of flat racks
  • Banding of cargo
  • Labeling
  • Palletizing
  • Stretch film wrapping
  • Crating
  • Packing
  • Assembly

What is bonded warehousing?

If you are shipping international cargo to the States but you don’t plan to sell your products as soon as they arrive at the US, you need to store your goods in a bonded warehouse unit. The customs bonded warehouses in the US allows importers to keep their imported goods up to five years without paying the duty charges. Most of the time, these bonded warehouses are operated by a private enterprise. In such cases, the proprietor has to post a customs bond with CBP agency along with the United States Customs.

With this bond, the proprietor is held liable for the bonded cargo as long as it is held in the bonded warehouse. The proprietor’s liability continues until the cargo is either;

  • Destroyed
  • Withdrawn for utilization on an international vessel
  • Exported
  • Withdrawn from the warehouse in order to be consumed in the US after its duty is paid

What are the benefits of storing your goods in the bonded warehouses?

Importation is an intricate process that brings many stressful situations along with it. The paperwork, transportation, storage, safety and much more involved details make the importation process difficult to manage. With the security and safety of bonded warehouses, the issue of storage is not a concern for you anymore. With our expertise and diligence in SBB Shipping, we aim to assist you with shipping logistics and equip you with the information you need in order to conduct your importation in accordance with the US laws. Moreover, keeping your imported products in a bonded warehouse allows you to move more freely without feeling overwhelmed by significant duty fares. When you store your imported products in the bonded warehouse, you can make better decisions concerning your business since you will not be feeling the urgency to sell your goods in order to recoup the duty fares. You can do the market research, work on the distribution or wait until there is a significant rise in demand for your imported products. You can pay the duty cost and withdraw your products from the bonded warehouse whenever you are ready, or whenever it is a wise business move to do so. In addition to the financial benefits, you are also able to make necessary alternations to your product. For instance, you can modify the packaging before withdrawing and selling your products.

As a third party logistics warehousing and distribution management provider, we present the most comprehensive network of partners and we move your goods through the supply chain life cycle with care. As SBB Shipping, we aim to help you grow your business and streamline your logistics.