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Frequently Asked Questions I SBB Shipping

What is HS Code?

The Harmonized System classification is a six-digit standard, called a subheading, for classifying globally traded products. HS codes, also called HS numbers, are used by customs authorities around the world to identify the duty and tax rates for specific types of products. HS codes are administered by the World Customs Organization. HS codes are recognized in 98% of world trade. There are six digits in an HS code.

What is RoRo Vehicle Service?

Roll-on/roll-off ships are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars, that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle, such as a self-propelled modular transporter.

Is it safe to ship my car with RoRo Service?

Yes it is! RoRo Vessels are designed to ship only wheeled cargos. Therefor those vessel’s purpose is shipping vehicles with fastest, most economic and safest way.

How Can I Handle the Customs?

We do have our in-house Customs Broker, who will handle your shipment’s customs procedures from the beginning to the very end.

How can I load-unload the Container? And what’s the time frame for it?

As we have an inland trucking service, we provide loading-unloading service as well. If you are loading or unloading by yourself, first 2 hours is free, up to 2 hours will be billed additionally.

What’s the dimensions of a container?

Please see below chart for container sizes;