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Project Cargo includes specialized freight works; oversized, unique, out of gauge, heavy lift, break bulk and dangerous goods. That is why systematic organization and innovative solutions are strictly required when the shipment of Project Cargo is being discussed.With our experience of two decades, we offer specific expertise, extensive knowledge and vast resources for the solutions concerning specialized transportation services and project cargo shipping.

In SBB Shipping, we have a holistic approach. That is why we meticulously manage your project cargo from start to finish. We carefully customize your logistics plan in accordance with your unique project needs. Every shipment of yours is thoroughly coordinated with tailor made plans that perfectly answers every demand of your project. Moreover, even the most demanding projects are executed with great care, precision and attention to detail by our expert team members. Regardless of the origin or destination, nor the dimensions or volume of your cargo, we guarantee a swift and secure transportation of your cargo from any point to wherever you would want.

Heavy Lift

Break Bulk

Out of Gauge

Flat Rack & Open Top

We are well aware of the fact that every industry has its own requirements and restrictions. That is why we always come up with innovative, brand new and customized solutions for each and every industry including but not limited to oil & gas, mining, construction, and renewable energy industries; locomotives, windmills, satellites, solar panels, gas pipes, boilers, helicopters, tractors, aviation components, construction and mining equipment and other heavy machinery; boats and yachts, cranes, rail cars, forest products and plywood. With our confidence in the 20 years we served in the freight and transportation industry, we guarantee that we provide you with the best and most comprehensive service in the world with market-competitive rates, world-class technology and management tools.

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Our project cargo services include, blocking and bracing, packing and crafting, inland haulage services, escort services, on-site management and inspection. Moreover, you can find air, ocean, ground and rail transport services in the scope of our operations.

Packing & Crafting

Blocking & Bracing

Inland Haulage

On-Site Management

When the shipping company does not or cannot follow through load, bind and installation processes of oversize and/or overweight goods and containers, we forward the related shipment to the warehouse we are partners with. In such instances, we forward the goods to the warehouse with flatbed trailer and load them to Flat Rack, Dry, or Open Top containers with the help of suitable equipment. When Open Top or Flat Rack containers are opted for the shipment, we acquire the NCB Inspection Certificate and then forward the goods after we make sure that they are loaded in the safest way possible and secured properly. You can find the detailed information on NCB Inspection Certificate below. The inspections within the scope of NCB certificate include:

  • Examining if the Flat Rack is suitable for loading on board a vessel. For this inspection, CSC Plate data is referred to and the valid inspection date of the equipment is considered.
  • Measuring the cargo in order to state out of gauge dimensions.
  • Evaluation of weight distribution and the status of cargo securing. For the latter, the blocking, bracing, and bedding is considered.
  • Evaluation of the lashing materials in terms of the effectiveness of the number and strength.

Additionally, Rule of Thumb methodology may be employed while ensuring that flat racks are able to be loaded to any position on board the vessel.

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