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In SBB Shipping, we aim to make your shipment processes as seamless as possible. That is why we also offer Customs Brokerage Services with more than two decades of experience in Customs Clearance services.

With the expertise of our licensed in-house customs broker, your goods will be able to get through the customs in a swift manner, thus allowing you to meet strict timetables and to accelerate shipment processes. Especially if your business heavily relies on import and export, the time and resources you spend on customs clearance might easily become very hefty and costly. That is why resorting the services of an adept and competent Customs Broker is not only essential but also efficient for your business. Moreover, working with a professional and experienced Customs Broker is the best and shortest way to assure that your goods and cargo have gone through customs without any incidents, and your company is not being overburdened with tax or other additional charges.

With the experience of 20 years, we provide our clients with brokerage service. Our licensed in-house customs broker specializes in Domestic and International Freight, Personal Effects Entry, HTS Classification, Continuous Bonds, Coordination of Customs Exams, In-Bond Entry and Letter of Credit; hence offering you a reliable, fast and top tier quality service concerning every possible need you might have in regard to the shipment process of your valued goods. Furthermore, we present Nationwide Clearance and guarantee swift customs clearance with competitive costs, with the confidence based on our extensive experience in the field. In order to make shipment and customs processes of your goods as smooth as possible for you, we offer a vast number of services including but not limited to automated broker interface, real-time status tracking, document retention, PO management, bonded warehouse locations, and applications for Importer ID & FDA Registrations.

Since 2009, Importer Security Filing (ISF) 10+2 is a mandatory documentation for all importers that bring their goods to the USA via ocean containers. ISF must be submitted to the U.S. customs at least 24 hours before the departure of the cargo. CBP might issue a fee of $5,000 due to the inaccurate, incomplete or tardy filing of such forms. That is why we also offer our services regarding 10+2 Importer Security.

Moreover, we offer our extensive expertise on AES. It is a new technology that eliminates the paper-bound export system and introduces electronical filing of the export shipment data to CBP. With AES, export information can be edited instantly. Thus any errors that can cost you time and money are detected and eliminated while the documents are being filed.

Importation processes might seem arduous and troublesome but with our proficient guidance and diligent work, you don’t have to worry about it. Under the scope of our Customs Brokerage Services, we offer maintaining and supervising carnet issuances, validations, cancellations and Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB). Moreover, your business can also benefit our unprecedented risk management services with Incoterms.

Import Clearance for the United States can be intricate and involved for many businesses regardless of the size of their operations. That is why we would like to assist you in this rather complicated process. In SBB Shipping, we provide Priority Clearance from Canada and Mexico in only 60 minutes, Accurate Documentation, and also “Wheels Up” Clearance. The latter is a requirement by the U.S. Customs that should be satisfied while the freight is in the air en-route to its destination airport.

In addition to our brokerage and customs clearance services, we also offer consultancy regarding Government Compliances such as FDA, USDA, DOT and C-TPAT in order to alleviate the burden of the shipping processes. Additionally, we provide prime compliance support for EPA, FWS and other entities.