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Unforeseeable things happen everyday. Cargo insurance is here to protect your business and reputation against such adverse developments.

Cargo insurance (also known as freight insurance, logistics insurance, air cargo insurance or ocean cargo insurance) aims to provide coverage of loss and/or damages that might happen during the domestic or international transportation process of your goods. In order to make sure that your cargo arrives its destination safely, it is very important to choose a professional and respected carrier. But moreover, you also need to get the proper insurance for your goods since regardless of the experience or professionalism, no carrier can protect your cargo against natural and unforeseeable calamities. With the proper cargo insurance, you can make sure that your goods are protected against loss and damage during the transportation process. Heavy machinery, hazardous material, fragile goods, perishables, fine art pieces… You can, and should insure any type of the goods that you are shipping. Especially if your cargo contains fragile or valuable material, it is essential that you protect it with the appropriate type of insurance.

What are the Types of Cargo Insurance?

There are various types of commercial cargo insurance that can meet the needs of your shipment. It is possible to categorize the cargo freight insurance in accordance with the shipment method (air freight cargo insurance, ocean freight insurance, freight insurance etc.), nature of your cargo (hazardous materials, fine art pieces, antiques etc.) or the coverage. There are two main types of cargo insurance coverage: Total loss coverage and all risk coverage. With the total loss coverage, your goods are insured for any damage caused by natural disasters such as collisions, earthquakes, floods, fire, collapse of the dock, sinking, lightning strike, hurricanes etc. With the all risk coverage, your goods are protected against all risks of physical loss and damage caused by external factors. Theft, non-delivery, loading and unloading are some of such instances.

What are the Additional Insurances?

In addition to the types of cargo insurance coverage mentioned above, you can also find additional insurances such as In-Transit Storage Coverage and FOB Coverage. FOB Coverage is one of the most popular services that we offer. It covers all the transportation processes from port to door. With the FOB Coverage, your cargo is protected from the origin port to the US delivery address. Moreover, you can find fine art shipping insurance within our additional offers. Based on our extensive experience and fastidious approach to the fine art shipping, we consider art insurance as a must. Although modern methods of sea and air transportation are quite safe for fragile and highly valuable goods like fine art pieces, there are many unforeseeable circumstances that must be considered. That is why we emphasize the importance of insurance when it comes to fine art shipment. Thus, we offer various tailor-made insurance solutions for your fine art pieces, exhibitions, expositions, art shows, carnets and such. In SBB Shipping, we are aware of the fact that the price of an artwork does not decide its actual value. The artwork’s associations within its source culture, rarity and artistic legacy make it unique and valuable. That is why opting for an appropriate cargo freight insurance for your fine art shipments also means taking a necessary precaution to preserve cultural relics of the civilization.

What Does SBB Shipping Offer?

In SBB Shipping, we aim to make the shipment process of your cargo as smooth, safe and swift as possible. As a result, we offer our expertise and experience for every step of the transportation process including the insurance. We provide you with insights and advices but we are not an insurance company or an underwriter. We only arrange the cargo insurance coverage through an authorized and respected agent.